Reimagining Space Tourism from India for the World

Your adventure to the edge of space to see the magnificent view of Earth, Sun & Stars.  

Space Aura’s vision is commercial human space missions to empower humanity and India to become multi-planetary for a thriving and bright future in space.

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment

Our luxurious Spaceship SKAP1, will take you to an altitude of 100,000ft (30 km), offering a unique perspective of seeing Earth and the vastness of space for an hour.

The overall journey will leave you feeling connected to humanity in a way you’ve never felt before.

4 space tourist seats are reserved

Space flights will commence in the summer of 2025

Our unique Space Balloon system will fly Spaceship SKAP1 and accommodate six space tourists and one pilot. With a week of basic preparations prior to the flight, you are ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

With all the necessary amenities, communication, and life support systems, we will ensure a safe and comfortable journey for everyone aboard.

Spaceship SKAP1 (V2)

Spaceship – SKAP1 Interior

We aim to provide you with an unforgettable experience through Space Aura Experience (SAE). We are making this possible with an incredible team having diverse experience.

Our Space Balloon technology – also called high-performance high-altitude balloons has been used by NASA for decades. It was also used for Felix Baumgartner’s world-record space jump.

Space Balloon flight flow

Spaceflight Preview

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Space Aura Experience

A state-of-the-art sprawling Space Aura Experience (SAE) Center, where we strive to offer you the finest spaceflight journey. Before your spaceflight to the edge of space, our SAE center will offer highly curated programs to open up a new dimension of the inner being to experience a profound connection with self, humanity, and the Earth. This will forge a deep sense of unity during space travel. Prepare to embark on a journey that will transcend boundaries and unlock the extraordinary within you.

Previous Initiatives of Space Aura

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Space Advertisement &

Product Launch

The journey of Space Aura started in 2013 with a small-scale flight using high-altitude balloon to the edge of space with a crazy proposition of Space Ads. We failed during our first and later successfully accomplished two flights. We sent a diamond ring and a custom-digital screen for Space Ads & marketing. The set-up involved HAB, payloads, sensors, GPS, tracking and more.

Space Diving Sport

We innovated to make Space Diving a mainstream sport. Space Athletes will dive from the edge of space to compete for the Beyond Earth Championship (BEC). They will be sitting inside a pressurised capsule and lifted by a high-altitude balloon. We have engaged with three Space Athletes including an Indian female Space Athlete who are passionate about being the ultimate BEC. For reference, Felix Baumgartner had created the world record for the highest altitude space jump (39 km).

With almost 3 years of efforts and with a great team having decades of experience working on similar large scale missions including human space diving mission we are now closer to making it a reality.

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Space Aura

Space Aura is a space tech startup established in 2017 with a focus on Space Tourism and commercial human space missions. We are working on bold missions to accelerate humanity’s & India’s future in space.

Space Aura is currently working on various avenues of space travel and providing unparalleled delightful experiences through SAE.

The team includes having decades of extensive experience working on large scale missions including the human space diving world record. Our expertise in technology, design, business, training, tourism, global network and marketing aspects will help propel the missions.

It’s still the beginning of an exciting journey. Join us!

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Space Aura at BSX 2022

Spaceship v1 small-scale

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Space Jump Using Space

Balloon System

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The world record for the highest altitude space jump (~39 km) by Felix Baumgartner gives a good reference &  glimpse into the possibilities with Space Balloon & Space Capsule system.