Spaceship SKAP1

A gentle & safe flight

Spaceship SKAP1 (Space Capsule) is designed keeping safety as the top priority. It will be gentle journey to the upper stratosphere providing breathtaking views of the magnificient Earth. Making it a truly remarkable experience. 

Features of SKAP1

  • Travel in a comfortable and luxurious Spaceship
  • Accommodate 6 Space Tourists and 1 Pilot
  • Panoramic viewing experience
  • Spacious seating arrangements with amenities and Indian cuisine
  • Get ready for flight with a week of basic preparations and training. Astronaut level training not required. 
  • Around 6 hours of total flight journey
  • Customisable options for a private spaceflight 
  • Multipurpose Spaceship 
  • Spaceship design inspired by Indian culture and architecture
  • Space Aura Experience – a unique fusion of Space travel and Indian culture

Technology & design

  • State-of-the-art space capsule design 

  • Life support and communication systems
  • Mission control
  • Pressurised Space capsule
  • Space rated components
  • Automatic safety activation system
  • Multiple backup and redundancy systems
  • Live streaming & video recording

  • Touchdown on land, sea
  • Parafoil navigation system
  • Tracking via GPS

High-altitude balloon system

A proven flight system

A high-performance high-altitude balloon (Space Balloon) will lift off the Spaceship SKAP1, taking the space tourists to the edge of space. During launch and ascent, it will be as large as a passenger aircraft.

They have been used successfully for decades  several times to carry out human and large-scale scientific experiments. High-altitude balloons are designed and constructed from special materials under specific conditions, enabling them to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure. 


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