Spaceship SA1

A gentle & safe flight

Spaceship SA1 (Space Capsule) is designed keeping safety as the top priority. It will be a gentle journey to the upper stratosphere providing breathtaking views of the magnificent Earth. Making it a truly remarkable experience. 

A carbon-neutral spaceflight experience and our dedication to minimal impact on nature.


Features of SA1

  • Travel in a comfortable and luxurious Spaceship
  • Accommodate 6 Space Tourists and 1 Pilot
  • Panoramic viewing experience
  • Spacious seating arrangements with amenities and Indian cuisine
  • Get ready for flight with a week of basic preparations and training. Astronaut level training not required. 
  • Around 6 hours of total flight journey
  • Customisable options for a private spaceflight 
  • Multipurpose Spaceship 
  • Spaceship design inspired by Indian culture and architecture
  • Space Aura Experience – a unique fusion of Space travel and Indian culture

Technology & design

  • State-of-the-art space capsule design 

  • Life support and communication systems
  • Mission control
  • Pressurised Space capsule
  • Space rated components
  • Automatic safety activation system
  • Multiple backup and redundancy systems
  • Live streaming & video recording

  • Touchdown on land, sea
  • Parafoil navigation system
  • Tracking via GPS

High-altitude balloon system

A proven flight system

A high-performance high-altitude balloon (Space Balloon) will lift off the Spaceship SA1, taking the space tourists to the edge of space. During launch and ascent, it will be as large as a passenger aircraft.

They have been used successfully for decades  several times to take humans and carry out large-scale scientific experiments. High-altitude balloons are designed and manufactured using special materials under specific conditions, enabling them to withstand extreme temperature and pressure. 


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