The next frontier in sports

the space diving sport

Bringing together high altitude sports andĀ cutting-edge aerospace technology

The future is here.


Beyond Earth Championship

Stage I

lift off

Space Divers will travel to the edge of space (~35km altitude) in our space capsule. The whole system is lifted off the ground with a space balloon.

Stage II


On reaching the top altitude, Space Divers will exit the space capsule and dive safely towards the Earth. The whole journey captures a Magnificent view of Earth.

Stage III


Space Divers challenge each other in various tasks on their space dive back to the Earth.
To win in Beyond Earth Championship(BEC).

Witness more excitement than the space jump of Felix Baumgartner

Unique architecture

Our top priority with Space Aura is the safety system.

We make it possible with the best in the world technology team that has immense experience.


We believe True legends are not born,
they are created.

We provide the selected Space Divers extensive training, guidance & support throughout the BEC.

Multi-axial training
Alan Eustace diving towards Earth representation image

The current world record space jump from ~26 miles was made possible by an outstanding team. The mission was accomplished after years of effort.

Together, with such a great team,
we are now making BEC possible.

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One World. One Winner.
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