It always seems impossible,
until it's done

Skydiving was initially perceived to be impossible. With proper processes and safety systems, skydiving has now become a mainstream sport.

With advancements in technology and safety systems, the right time has come to make space diving sport a reality.

Become a Space Diver

Space Divers need to get accustomed to the extreme conditions of the high altitude, and achieve right diving techniques. They have to break psychological & physiological barriers.

The training of Space Divers will be more intense than astronaut training. It will include unique diving techniques, multi-axial training, and training in simulated environments like G-force simulator, vertical wind tunnel & thermal vacuum chamber.

If you are an athlete, space and extreme sports enthusiast anywhere in the world. The only requirement is that you are ready to push your limits to the brink. We invite you to be the first of our Space Divers.

Get ready. Champion.

Space Aura locations across the world will be revealed soon