Beyond Earth Sports

Space Aura will converge towards a new space sports ecosystem. It combines sports, aerospace technology, media & entertainment. It will inspire millions of people around the world, much like the humanity landing on the moon.

What is lacking to accelerate humanity’s evolution into space?

Space missions which can create a strong economic forcing function. Space Aura brings this in. Spacesuits are like a mini spacecraft and the most important element for human space and Mars missions.

Sports has constantly proved to be the accelerator of innovation. Be it motorsports, soccer, cricket or broadcasting.
Sports also have the power to unite people and countries.

The journey is not going to be easy and we invite you to be a part of it to make it a reality.

We foresee the future of Space Aura in space, on Mars & beyond.

It all started 4 years ago. We successfully launched payloads to the edge of space for Space Ads. There were several pivots (not iterations), learnings & failures.

We wanted to break more barriers, perceptions, and set a new benchmark.
We further worked with a female skydiver to set a world record for the highest altitude jump. During this course, we realized that we can make space diving a mainstream sport.

Meet the Team

Our team and partners include highly experienced and passionate individuals from around the world. They have worked on similar Space jump missions bringing in world-class talent, skills, and capabilities.

Aakash Porwal


A serial entrepreneur. He has successfully managed to launch two small-scale Space Ads mission to the edge of space, reaching ~22 miles.

Aakash has led and managed the mission to set a world record space dive project by a female skydiver which couldn’t take off and got pivoted to Space Aura. During high school, he was awarded Sports Person of the Year.

S Sreenivasan

Balloon Tech System

Member of the core group involved in the design of the unique launch system (us. patent) for Alan Eustace’s world record space jump mission. He has over four decades of experience in balloon design, fabrication and launch. He has led several large-scale scientific experiments with heavy payloads resulting in several breakthroughs.

R.K. Manchanda

Balloon Tech System

He has over four decades of experience in balloon design and launch. He was a former Lead Scientist at TIFR and Chairperson of the Balloon Facility Committee and Balloon Facility Management Board.

Pranil M

Creative Lead

A young design entrepreneur. He has a keen eye for human interaction design, technology & user research. He has attended engineering, design, & entrepreneurship programs from the reputed institutions including MIT, US. On the side, Pranil works on solving food waste through tech, sculpts, Augmented Reality & plays tabla. Previously, he has led & organized a program with over 5000+ audience members.